Asia international Language Center

About AILC

The Asia International Language Center was established by Akira Toyama (current director) in 1993 and specializes in Japanese language education.

About AILC

Our school has created beginner, intermediate, and advanced curriculums to meet the needs of students at different levels. In addition, our philosophy is to educate the mind, body, and soul as one, so we not only provide classroom instruction but stress the importance of learning real Japanese used in real life by actively going off campus. Our school also provides a preparatory school that focuses on helping students go on to higher education. While we naturally provide support for advancement in Japanese language schools, in cooperation with the on-campus preparatory school, we help send many students to prestigious national, public, and private universities. Every year at our school, students who achieve excellent results in the Examination for Japanese University Admission receive scholarships from the Japan Student Services Organization and many of our students have received various scholarships so far. In addition, our school actively recommends students with exceptional grades and helps them get accepted by universities and graduate schools which we have cooperative relationships with.

School Location

Yokohama has been developed as an important port city connecting Japan with countries around the world since the late Edo period. The city is stylish and fashionable with strong ties to civilization and enlightenment and a unique atmosphere flowing with exoticism remains to this day. Chinatown and Minatomirai are world-famous tourist spots that attract many visitors from around the world every year. Traditional buildings seeped in history and trendy new tourist spots are some of the various places to discover that combine old and new and make up the strong allure of Yokohama. Many people also come to see how beautiful the city looks at night compared, which is quite different from during the day.
Yokohama Chinatown
Yokohama Minatomirai Sankeien Garden


2-minute walk from the North Gate of Ishikawacho Station on the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line
Self-Inspection / Self-Evaluation as a Japanese-Language Educational Facility