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Long-Term Course

Long-Term Course

The aim of the Long-Term Course is to prepare students for higher education in Japanese universities, graduate schools, or vocational schools, by developing a high level of proficiency in Japanese throughout the year with a comprehensive focus on the four elements of reading, listening, speaking, and writing while also adhering closely to the educational content needed to pass the entrance exams in the syllabuses we organize.
We also actively help with cross-cultural understanding through the promotion of international understanding and an understanding of Japanese affairs in order to live more smoothly in Japan. The appeal of our school lies in our educational guidance for a good education and life in Japan.


Admission Requirements

  • Satisfy each of the following 1 and 2
  • 1. Educational Background: Completed 12 years or more of school education in another country or expected to complete it by the time of enrollment
  • 2. Language Proficiency: Those with either of the following
    ① A total of 180 or more of Japanese study experience
    ② Passing result of J.Test F Level, JLPT N5, or NAT-TEST Level 5 or higher

Course Features

Focus on communication skills
Student individuality
Robust guidance on educational advancement
Independent study facilities
Robust study-support system
School placement for top students

Class Time /

  Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri Sat Sun
Morning Class 09:15-12:40 rest rest
Afternoon Class 13:15-16:40 rest rest

Enrolment and Application Periods /

Course Enrollment Period Application Period Level
Japanese School Advancement 2-Year Course 04 From September the Year Before~ Basic LevelI、II、Intermediate、Advanced
Japanese School Advancement 1-Year-9-Month Course 07 From December the Year Before~ Basic LevelI、II、Intermediate、Advanced
Japanese School Advancement 1-Year-6-Month Course 10 From March of the Same Year~ Basic LevelI、II、Intermediate、Advanced
Japanese School Advancement 1-Year-3-Month Course 01 From June the Year Before~ Basic LevelII、Intermediate、Advanced

Extracurricular Classes /

Ramen Museum
Ramen Museum
Mount Takao
Autumn-Leaf Viewing